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I am Tom Slominski, a freelance web and graphic designer based in Lancaster, UK.

I create bespoke websites which fit both the client's exact requirements and their budget. I also assist my clients in the production of short films and graphic design for print.

I'm currently working with the iRights Advisory Board, as well as a number of other projects. You can find out more about both my current and previous endeavours below.


Fuelled by my passion for the web, I've taken on a number of creative media projects over the past few years. In the past few months, I have worked with local charities and volunteer organisations to create innovative, rich web experiences, as well as producing short films and completing print design work for many.

I create both static and CMS powered web pages, allowing clients to edit their own content, independently of the developer. Whether it's discussing a client's needs, designing the website, implementation, hosting or support, I'm passionate about giving clients a great, hassle free experience from start to finish.

I also provide other services, such as:

  • Filming and editing of short interview-style films;
  • Design of print media and business cards;
  • Website and email service management.

Interested in any of the above? Contact me for a quote!

When designing a website or any other creative product, I guide you through what you want from the design of it through to after-sales support.


First, we agree on what your goals for the website are, and what you want it to achieve. This helps seek out what functionality you want. We also talk about how to integrate your branding into the website.


Once we have agreed on what functionality you desire from your website, I will begin work. I am in regular contact with you to ensure the website is going in the right direction.


After the website is finished, I will not only provide basic training about how to make the most out of it's functionality, but I will also provide after-sales support to ensure the website does everything you want it to, even if you haven't spotted it straight away.

Image credit: John Fenna


iRights is a set of 5 simple principles, which describe how companies and individuals should engage with children and young people in the digital world. Alongside other things, these detail how and what information should be kept about young people, what support they should have access to and how companies and enable them to make informed choices.

After previously working with Baroness Kidron, OBE, a champion of the digital world in the House of Lords, I was invited to join the iRights Advisory Board. The work of the Board has already led to iRights being supported by large organisations like Barclays, Mozilla and the NSPCC.

My work for iRights sees me managing and creating key web assets, helping to tightly integrate the brand and mission into other web developers' work.

Visit iRights

Larks in the Park website

The Larks in the Park website is a perfect example of my work as a web developer. It's a static site offering information about the popular festival. It's also responsive, which means it adapts to whatever display it's being viewed on, whether it's a smartphone or a traditional computer.

Interview videos

I've also worked on some short videos for the Larks in the Park festival and Uthink PDP, an organisation the festival is associated with. The video above is an example of a short interview-style video created using a few Flip cameras and iMovie.

View more videos

Image credit: Chris Latimer

Larks in the Park festival

Larks in the Park is a Lancaster-based, youth-led music festival held at Williamson Park every year. Starting out as a one off community event in 2011, Larks in the Park has grown to become Lancashire's premier annual youth music and arts event.

I have worked on the festival in it's first year of independence from it's original parent organisation, Aspire. Aside from my role as an IT Manager, providing creative solutions like website development, email account provision and the creation of print advertising, I also acted as the Staff Manager on the day of the festival, aiding the Event Manager in their role and alleviating any queries the staff might have had.

The festival has proven extremely popular with excess of 3,000 attendees, around 90% of which are young people.

Visit Larks

Politics Made Simple

This site is designed to explain UK politics in a simple way in order to get more people involved in it. Here you can learn about politics, find out who your local MP is, what debates have been taking place in Parliament recently, and also take part in polls as a simple and quick way to voice your opinions on the issues that affect you most.

Avenue Talent Group

Avenue Talent Group (ATG) is a collaborative partnership between three young professionals, Tom Slominski, Jack Alexander Meredith-Elsworth, and Erin Gosling, aiming to provide a range of basic management services to emerging artists in order to help them progress in their music careers.

Based in Lancaster, Lancashire, ATG will operate within the local and wider area to develop existing, and establish further, industry contacts and provide a platform to undiscovered artists. With a range of skills, experiences and a large professional network in the local and wider area, ATG is perfectly positioned to help launch emerging artists into the local music scene.

Image credit: InRealLife


I have also appeared in the critically acclaimed documentary InRealLife, which takes us on a journey from the bedrooms of British teenagers to the world of Silicon Valley, to find out what exactly the internet is doing to our children.

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